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Games and Activities

While most pages on this website are intended for library staff and educators who work with children and use international literature, this page is for kids! Engaging activities are included to allow children of different ages to explore the stories from around the world on their own.

We would like to thank Roxanne Russell for her contributions and ideas for this activity page!

There is a story about a tortoise tricking a leopard to give up its eggs. Mancala involves beads that look like eggs and it is a strategy game that involves taking your opponents beads. You can watch this instructional video before playing!

African Folk Tales

This story is about a boy and his boar friend Buddy. Buddy is really annoying, until the boy realizes Buddy being annoying is a great thing about having him as a friend. This is a craft that inspires friendship.

Buddy Is So Annoying

This book is a collection of fairy tales of important elements of Chinese culture history, and mythology. The game mahjong is a traditional Chinese matching game with tiles engraved with important Chinese elements such as bamboos, flowers, and characters. This online game version shows how to play this traditional game!

Chinese Fairy Tales

This true story is about a young girl expressing differences between Chinese and Western cultures through her diary. The activity is decorating your own notebook that can be expressed through your personality or culture.

The Diary of Ma Yan

This book is an interactive book with different challenges that involves dinosaurs. This online game is a dinosaur game that the player has to guess the letters of a given word before the T-rex eats the player.

Express Delivery from Dinosaur World
Leilong the Library Bus

Leilong the brontosaurus just wanted to listen to storytime in the library, but he was so big. A librarian found a way to use Leilong’s size to create a library bus for the community. Since libraries are an important part of a community, this activity involves finding words associated with the library.

Swans in Space

This graphic novel series is about two classmates and their adventures in space. This arts and craft activity shows you how to make origami.

Japanese Fairy Tales

This book shows elements that are symbolic in Japanese culture. The cherry blossom, also called Sakura, is a Japanese flower that symbolizes the importance of life as it is short lived. Learn how to draw cherry blossoms with this instructional video!

Heung Bu and Nol Bu

The story involves two brothers who are opposites: one who is kind and compassionate, and the other brother is cruel and greedy: This story is a read aloud to show the importance of kindness.

In this Korean tale, a couple finds a stream that brings youth to the person who drinks from the stream. However, a grumpy neighbor overhears about the stream, drinks from the stream, and becomes a baby. This activity shows children how to make their own fountain with simple objects.

The Mysterious Stream
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