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Express Delivery from Dinosaur World

Region: East Asia, China

Author: Yanan Dong

Original Language: Chinese

Translator: Helen Wang

Illustrator: Yanan Dong

Characters: Dongdong

Genre: Creative Activity Book

Descriptors: activities, camera, challenges, dinosaurs, flashlight 

Age: 6-10 years old


Express Delivery from Dinosaur World is an interactive book with 10 different challenges for the reader to accomplish. The book begins by introducing the reader to the mysterious world of dinosaurs from the past and then takes the reader on an adventure through time and space. Each page contains a different activity, which build on each other as the reader progresses through the book. For the first challenge, a flashlight must be found in the Forest of Illusion; it then needs to be utilized in one of the final activities to help Dongdong get unstuck from the inside of a dinosaur. There are also pages with mazes; activities asking the reader to spot the differences between two photos or to flip charts to match the correct photo. Express Delivery from Dinosaur World is written and illustrated by Yanan Dong, a Beijing-based artist, who studied at the Picture Book Creation Studio at China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Every illustration is a new work of art crafted with exquisite skill and attention to detail. On each page, there is a beautiful, unique challenge and interactive adventure for the reader to complete. All the way through the end, this book keeps the reader immersed in the mystical land of the dinosaurs; it keeps the reader wondering what will come next. The very final challenge for the reader is to pass the book off to someone else who will enjoy it. 

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