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Where is the Cake Now? is a fun story about animals who pack up a picnic, including their prized cake! When the cake goes missing, the animals start their own investigation. The program for this book is a mug cake. Children can make their very own cake with just a few ingredients and a mug with YouTuber Amelie Madison. 

A Thousand Things About Holland is a book that portrays different images of Holland throughout the seasons. The pdfs on the left is a season's collage template. Librarians or educators can edit the template, print it out, and allow children to create their own collage on the page!


When the poor Woodcutter's son falls in love with the Innkeeper's daughter, the Inkeeper sends the Woodcutter's son on an impossible scavenger hunt. Click on the image on the left to see an outdoor scavenger hunt for children of all ages created by Messy Little Monster.

Fuzz McFlops is a book that features fuzzy bunnies, floppy ears, and a chocolate balls recipe that you can make at home!

Video by Leah Byrnes

Chocolate Balls Recipe 


Cover Photo by Nil Castellví on Unsplash

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