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Buddy Is So Annoying teaches readers about the importance of friendship. Readers can follow along with the videos to create memorable, hand-made gifts for their friends.

Learn how to braid friendship bracelets using a cardboard circle and twine!

Create cute and fun greeting cards to send out to your friends!

Make a Card For A Friend Handout by Leah Byrnes

Friendship Themed Storytime Resources

For more activities and story time resources, print out or download these PDFs! 

The Dover Children’s Thrift Classics Chinese Fairy Tales features a collection of 16 Chinese fables for children ages 8 and up. The collection consists mostly of text but also includes 18 delightful line-art illustrations by Yuko Green. You can even add some color to a couple of these illustrations by printing out the artwork provided in the PDF Viewer on the left.

Get ready to blast off to space with Swans In Space! These fun activities teach you how to read manga, make your own paper dolls, and give you the tools to start a manga book club of your own!

Dress Corona and Lan up in these fun and cute outfits! 

This nifty handbook gives you all the tips and resources you need to start your own manga club!

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