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Children's Storybooks

for Title Selection

How and Where We Searched

Within each geographical region, the entries appear in the order in which the books were reviewed. 

Where We Searched

​Searching for titles, we utilized a variety of sources. The basis of a title list for review was composed based on extensive collated searches from WorldCat. To that list, we added from the following sources:

and multiple online publishers' catalogs. 

Below Are Some Criteria We Relied on in Selection

  • Ages: Titles intended for children and younger teens, from age 0 to approximately ages 12-14.

  • Types of stories: Both authored titles and folk tales, some of which are beloved, revered titles in their countries of origin; both translations and adaptations (retellings) of stories, especially when folk and authored fairy tales/classical tales are concerned.

  • Time period: Although classical and folk (older) tales are included, the major emphasis is on locating the recent (last 25 years) translated titles that are particularly popular and influential in countries of origin.

  • Types and formats: Mostly book titles (including graphic novels and picture book titles); however, should we locate translated stories that have appeared online only on reputable websites, or in children’s literary magazines and journals, we include them too. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, picture books, graphic novels, and other types of writing are included. 

  • Languages: translated from any language. We always note the original language, not the language from which a title was translated into English. For example, some titles may have been translated from an original language into French or Russian and then into English from French and Russian. We note the original language and try to provide a backstory for the two-stage translation process. 

We could only review a limited number of titles although we have identified many more for future reviewing. These titles can be found on the Titles to Review page. We hope you visit this page and choose something to review and share with us! 

We also invite everyone to send us suggestions of additional translated titles that can be reviewed! 


Dr. Keren Dali, RMIS, University of Denver 

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