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Delfi & Sunshine: Kazakh Fairytales is a collection of two Kazakh fairy tales about dolphins, “Ta from the House with the Silver Dolphin on the Door” and “Delfi and Sunshine.” The story “Delfi and Sunshine” is about a magical dolphin named Delfi, who has the ability to grant people health and happiness, and about his love for the daughter of the sun and the sky, Ray of Light, who granted him his powers. Although Delfi had always loved Ray of Light since childhood, she fell in love with the son of the night, Amrak, and married him instead. Gods and mortals alike attended their grand wedding, but the ocean’s creatures tried to warn everyone that it was a mistake. The two remained happily married for years until Eclipse put a spell over Amrak and locked Ray of Light away in a cave for many years. 

This short story comes from the collection 3 Folktales from Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Stories from the Ukraine, Latvia, and Turkmen, where the author retells some of her favorite folktales that were told by villagers from these regions. Each story is centered around the common theme of poor peasants using their wisdom and generosity “to succeed despite obstacles against an unfair ruler.” This collection uses stock images to illustrate the stories, using a mix of real-life photography and digital illustrations. These magical tales are suitable for ages 7 to 10 years old.  

Photo by Snowscat on Unsplash

Delfi & Sunshine
The Mountain of Gems
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