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Buddy Is So Annoying

Region: East Asia, China

Author: Wenzheng Fu

Original Language: Chinese

Translator: Adam Lanphier 

Illustrator: Wenzheng Fu

Genre: Animal Stories

Descriptors: anthropomorphic animals; characters duos; friendship; humor 

Age: 4-8 years old


Programming: Friendship Activities


Buddy is So Annoying, written and illustrated by Wenzheng Fu, is an amusing, feel-good story about a boy and his boar friend, Buddy. The two become best friends after meeting in kindergarten, despite the fact that the boy thinks Buddy is really annoying. Throughout the book, the boy lists all of the ways in which Buddy annoys him before coming to the conclusion that “having someone around to keep you company and annoy you is a wonderful thing.”  The bold, cartoony illustrations are just as charming as the story. Fu does an excellent job at capturing the emotions of the characters so that the reader can see how much the boy cares for Buddy, even when he has nothing nice to say about his friend. The artwork is highly stylized and colored with a minimal palette of different shades of teal, orange, and brown. There are also some black and white, slightly more realistic drawings near the end of the book of two friends, the boy and Buddy, growing old together. Buddy is So Annoying was published in China and is available in English and bilingual copies. Adam Lanphier’s translations capture the nuance of the original Chinese language structure and cleverly adapt it into English so that the story maintains its original humor and meaning. While the story is mostly told through illustrations, the storyline and dialog are accessible for ages 4 through 8 years old. It is a relatable story that most young children will be able to understand.

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