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Swans in Space Vol. 1

Region: East Asia, Japan

Author: Lun Lun Yamamoto

Original Language: Japanese

Translator: M. Kiries Hayashi 

Illustrator: Lun Lun Yamamoto

Genre: Science Fiction; Graphic novels, comic books, and manga

Descriptors: female protagonists; manga; space

Age: 8-12 years old

Programming Ideas: Children's Manga Club


Swans in Space is a sci-fi manga series that follows perfectionist 6th-grade class president, Corona Hoshino, who worries too much about what everyone thinks of her and takes on way too many responsibilities. One day, Corona tries to befriend her nerdy classmate, Lan Tsukishima, who is obsessed with the sci-fi TV show Space Patrol. Corona lies about her interest in the show and soon discovers that the Space Patrol is actually real when Lan recruits her as a member of her Space Patrol team. Unable to turn down a favor, Corona takes on the challenge of helping her lazy team member climb the ranks of the Space Patrol, all while also juggling her school responsibilities. Together, the two go on all kinds of missions throughout space, defending the peace of the universe, in their swan boat spaceship. Swans in Space is a very cute and engaging story that is perfect for kids aged 8-12 who are interested in manga and sci-fi. The full color version of this manga is spectacular and makes the cute illustrations by Lun Lun Yamamoto really pop. The English version has instructions on how to read manga, perfect for readers new to the style. There are also occasional reminders on the top of the page to read right to left, accompanied by little arrows. The beginning of the manga has a page dedicated to character introductions and the back has tons of fun extras, like further information about the Space Patrol uniform and the Earth Division Space Station. There is also a paper doll dress-up activity where kids can dress up Corona and Lan in different outfits. 

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