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Guacamole by Jorge Argueta

Guacamole is an interactive activity that combines storytelling with cooking. Learn how to make tasty guacamole for yourself and the whole family!

Video by Raquel Martinez and Norberto Martinez

A Perfect Season for Dreaming by Benjamin Alire Sáenz (New Mexico)

A Perfect Season for Dreaming is a story about embracing imagination and the bond of family. This activity is an example of a bilingual story time so that children who speak English, Spanish, or both have the opportunity to listen to the languages.   

Video by Raquel Martinez and Norberto Martinez

The Day It Snowed Tortillas by Joe Hayes (New Mexico)

Joe Hayes is a legendary storyteller in New Mexico. Librarians may get ideas from his storytelling and try their hand at telling this humorous tale. 

Chile Recipe.gif

This fictional account of How Chile Came to New Mexico by Rudolfo Anaya tells the origin story of the most famous fruit in New Mexico. This coveted recipe will teach older children and teens how to make New Mexican red chile. Red or Green?

Handout by Raquel Martinez

Tortilla Recipe.jpg

Grandpa's Magic Tortilla is a story where the children in a community see shapes and animals in the burnt spot of a tortilla. With this activity, kids can assist an adult in making their own homemade tortillas. Maybe they'll see an elephant in the tortilla! 

Handout by Raquel Martinez

Benito's Bizcochitos by Ana Baca is about the first New Mexico biscochito (sugar cookie). Read about biscochitos and then learn how to make them. Ana Baca has written a recipe in both English and Spanish. 

In Dance of the Eggshells Libby and J.D. learn that when you want to dance with someone, you crack a confetti egg on their head! The video, created by the YouTube channel, First Day of Home will teach children and teens how to make their own cascarones!  

The Farolitos of Christmas by Rudolfo Anaya is a magical story about a young girl named Luz who creates the farolito to guide her father home from war. This activity teaches children how to make their own Christmas farolitos using sand, candles, and a paper bag. 

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