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Shalom Salaam Peace is a trilingual poem presented in Arabic, English, and Hebrew that discusses the meaning of peace. Throughout the poem, readers are given to understand how much better the world would be if world peace is achieved. The environment is rich and clean, with blooming flowers, trees, and glittering streams, rather than trash-filled and war-torn. Instead of creating weapons of war, time will be spent building children’s playgrounds and fostering a community where people are happy, safe, and respected, no matter who they are.

My Mother’s Persian Stories is a collection of 30 short stories presented in English and Persian. Husband, Saeid Shammass, and wife, Shaunie Shammass, worked together to create this collection based on the stories that Saeid’s mother used to tell him and his siblings before bedtime, as well as the stories that he tells his children now. This collection includes such entertaining stories as “The Bird of Seven Colors,” where a king sends his sons on a dangerous quest to find his beloved rare bird a mate. The prince who comes back with a bird of seven colors, seven songs, and seven dances will be appointed next in line for the throne. This really funny story also teaches children the values of kindness and honesty.

Shalom Salaam Peace
My Mother's Persian Stories
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