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A Thousand Things About Holland

Region: Western EuropeThe Netherlands

Authors: Charlotte Dematons and Jesse Goosens 

Original Language: Dutch

Translator: Jonathan Ellis with adaptations by Ellen Everett Myrick

Illustrator: Charlotte Dematons

Genre: Nonfiction (travel)

Descriptors: celebrations; festivals; history; landscapes; painting; tradition

Age: 9-14 years old


A Thousand Things about Holland is a companion book to Charlotte Dematons wordless picture book called Holland which was published in 2012. Holland is a book portraying various scenes throughout Holland during every season. There are paintings of traditions and customs in Holland that are quite unique, such as the famous Carnival in Breda in February; festivities on the coast with traditional costumes; and paintings of celebrations during holidays throughout the country. Each picture is a fascinating work of art using specific colors to convey the mood and feel of each setting. While the book does not tell a story in the traditional sense, it gives the viewer an opportunity to experience and appreciate the beauty, customs, and history of Holland through each painting. A Thousand Things About Holland was published in 2013 and is the companion book which takes the paintings from Holland and provides each scene with the commentary about its context and history. While the pictures alone are captivating and educational, the companion brings depth to the paintings and a clearer appreciation of the rich historical context in Holland. At the beginning of each section, there is a small picture of the whole painting; the rest of the pages zoom in on specific details of the painting and provide accompanying text boxes that explain their historical, architectural, or cultural significance. Charlotte Demantos was born and raised in France but moved to Holland to attend art school. Jesse Goossens assisted with the book writing by researching the history of Holland to provide added value to the book and enhance his educational use.  

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