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Where Have You Gone, Davy?

Region: Western EuropeSwitzerland

Author: Brigitte Weninger

Original Language: German

Translator: Rosemary Lanning

Illustrator: Eve Tharlet

Characters: Davy, Mother Rabbit, Dan, Donny, Daisy, Father Rabbit

Descriptors: family, forgiveness, lies, love, rabbits, run-away children, siblings

Age: 3-6 years old


Where Have You Gone, Davy? is a story of family and forgiveness. The story begins with Mother Rabbit discovering a broken bowl in the kitchen and trying to discover which little rabbit did it. Dan, Donny, and Daisy – all claim their innocence, which leaves Davy as the only possible guilty party. When Davy returns home in a jolly mood, Mother Rabbit scolds him for being careless and sends him out of her sight. Mad for being unfairly accused, Davy packs his bag and runs away, planning not to return until he is full-grown. But being alone outside at night is scary and cold, and he has to hide from predatory owls. Mother Rabbit comes out searching for Davy and finds him trying to sleep under a tree. Brother Donny had confessed to breaking the bowl and Mother Rabbit apologizes to Davy. Originally published in Switzerland, Where Have You Gone, Davy? is a touching story of family love and forgiving each other when mistakes are made. The pictures are large, soft, and use warm colors to illustrate the story. Brigitte Weninger was born in Austria and worked as a kindergarten teacher for many years before becoming a children’s book author; the author has many books featuring Davy the Rabbit.  

More About This Book

Reviewed: print book by North South Books (1996). ISBN: 9781558586642, 1558586644. 


Reviewed by Laney Jones

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