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The Sisters #4: Selfie Awareness

Region: Western EuropeFrance

Author: Christophe Cazenove

Original Language: French

Translator: Nanette McGuinness

Illustrator: William Maury

Series: The Sisters

Characters: Maureen, Wendy

Genre: Graphic novels, comic books, and manga

Descriptors: family relationships, siblings, summer break, vacation

Age: 7-11 years old


The Sisters Selfie Awareness is a playful book depicting two sisters during their summer break from school. The older sister, Wendy, has long brown hair and is mostly interested in her friends and dating while the younger sister, Maureen, has blonde hair, plays hard, and loves getting into mischief. Every few pages, there is a different episode and scenario from the two sisters’ lives; they may, in turns, be doting and kind to one another or create elaborate plans to aggravate one another. In the end though, they always stick together. In one scenario, Maureen wants to wear Wendy’s shirt but knows that her sister will not let her. And so, she concocts a plot to wear not only Wendy’s shirt but also earrings, given to her by her boyfriend; Maureen knows full-well that Wendy will be so upset about the earrings that she would not even notice the shirt. In the very next section, Wendy rushes off to learn how to knit in order to be a go-to person for  her little sister because Maureen asked Wendy how to knit. The illustrations in The Sisters Selfie Awareness are vibrant and colorful and help to draw the reader in by portraying the sisters’ emotions in each scene.  

More About This Book

Reviewed: Print book by Papercutz (2017). ISBN 9781629917993

Reviewed by Laney Jones

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