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The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonca   and Pizza Boy

Region: Western Europe, Portugal


Author: Felipe Melo

Original Language: Portuguese

Translator: Raylene Lowe

Illustrator: Juan Cavia, Santiago Villa

Series: The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizza Boy

Characters: Pizza Boy, Dog Mendonca, Pazuul, Gargoyle head

Genre: Horror; Graphic novels, comic books, and manga

Descriptors: adventures, big cities, crime, monsters, mystery, Lisbon, possessions, supernatural, theft

Age: 13-16 years old


Pizza Boy is living in Lisbon and struggling to get to work on time to deliver pizza for a harsh-tempered boss, when his scooter is stolen by an unidentifiable creature. When the police brush off his report and laugh at his description of the thief, he turns to an occult investigator for help. Dog Mendonca and his assistant Pazuul, who is a demon trapped in a little girl’s body, decide to help Pizza Boy find his scooter because it means that one of the city monsters broke their code. Meanwhile, there are reports of child abductions in Lisbon with no clues as to who is behind it. They go to the club where the monsters gather, but no one confesses to stealing the scooter; Dog Mendonca loses his temper and pulls a Gargolye’s head off. The Gargoyle head, although detached, can still talk and ends up coming with them on the journey. Since Pazuul inhabits a little girl, she is kidnapped while they are at the club, and Dog Mendonca gets a glimpse at the culprit but does not recognize what kind of creature it is. It is something different from the local monsters of Lisbon who do not cause trouble to the civilians and live by the code. As the search takes them deeper into the city to rescue Pazuul and the other Lisbon children, they uncover the evil plans of Nazi Zombies, who have survived and infested the underbelly of the city, waiting to strike. Read the story to find out what Pizza Boy and Dog Mendonca do and if they can save the children and the city! Published in Portugal, this is a horror graphic novel that is sure to make a reader squirm. The bold and gripping illustrations add to the thrill of the story. This book contains elements which may frighten or startle a child or seem offensive, including obscene gestures, violence, blood, and sexual content. As such, it is clearly for older children and teens.  

More About This Book

Reviewed: print book by Dark Horse. ISBN: 9781595829382.

Reviewed by Laney Jones

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