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That's Not Normal!

Region: Western EuropeSpain

Author: Mar Pavón 

Original Language: Spanish

Translator: Martin Hyams

Illustrator: Laura Du Fäy

Series: Egalite Series 

Characters: Elephant and Hippopotamus

Genre: Animal Stories

Descriptors: Animals, friends, bullies, lessons

Age: 2-5 years old


That’s Not Normal! is written by a Spanish author and illustrated by a French artist. While the storyline is familiar, whereby differences are made fun of and finally come around to save the day, Pavón and Du Fäy’s take on the story is creative and catchy; through the use of recurrent phrases and illustrations for each scene presented in bold colors, they draw the reader in. Elephant has an exceptionally long trunk that extends far beyond “what is normal.” But Elephant uses his trunk to help out everyone in the community such as turning his trunk into stairs for the old monkey who cannot climb anymore or using his trunk as a bridge, so the ants can cross the river. All the bugs and animals recognize that Elephant’s trunk is not normal, but they all benefit from it while Elephant uses it generously to help whenever he can. Hippopotamus is the only one who mocks Elephant for his long trunk: he would say mean things and trip Elephant when he would be passing by. But one day, while Hippopotamus was busy making fun of Elephant’s trunk, baby Hippo ran off after a cricket and into a crocodile-infested pond. By the time Hippopotamus noticed and rushed to save his baby, the crocodiles were closing in; a few more minutes, and the rescue would come too late. Elephant saved the day and was never mocked by Hippopotamus again. That’s Not Normal! is published by NubeOcho publishers based in Spain and focuses on children’s literature that values and celebrates differences.  This book is a part of their Egalite series which specifically promotes equality and diversity.  

More About This Book

Reviewed: print book by NubeOcho (2016). ISBN: 9788494431883.


Reviewed by: Laney Jones

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