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Brina the Cat: The Gang of the Feline Sun #1

Region: Mediterranean, Italy

Author: Giorgio Salati

Original Language: Italian

Translator: Oliva Rose Doni

Illustrator: Chrisian Cornia

Series: Brina the Cat

Characters: Brina, Margret, Sam, Vespucci, Gabrielle, Atom

Genre: Graphic novels, comic books, and manga

Descriptors: cats, family, freedom, humans and animals, mountains, runaways, pets, wild animals

Age: 7-11 years old

Programming Ideas: Summer Popsicle Treats for Cats (PDF Recipe)


Set in the beautiful mountains in Italy, Brina the Cat goes on a big adventure and brings the readers with her! Brinas’ human owners, Sam and Margret, take a mountain vacation, and Brina is excited for the fresh air and a chance to stretch her paws. When she meets Vespucci, a wild cat with a scar on his face, who has been betrayed by human owners in the past, Brina is offered even more freedom than she has thought possible. Vespucci entices her to escape from Sam and Margret and join The Gang of the Feline Sun, a group of wild cats. Brina carefully weighs her options: the comfort of living with owners at the expense of freedom versus a life of wild adventures but little comfort. When she does decide to escape, she is delighted to run wild and use her cat instincts. The cats can go and do whatever they please! But when some of the true colors of the gang are revealed, Brina is forced to make a hard choice again. The story follows both the Gang of the Feline Sun and Margret and Sam, as they search frantically for Brina. Author Giorgio Salati and illustrator Christian Cornia bring their skill together in this graphic novel to pull the reader into the adventures of Brina the Cat. The pictures are bright and emotive and easy for the reader to follow the flow of the story.

More About This Book

Reviewed: Print book by Papercutz (2020). ISBN: 9781545804261.

Reviewed by Laney Jones

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