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Our Friends in the Wild

Region: Southeast Asia, Nepal

Author: Ananta Prasad Wagle 

Original Language: Nepali

Translator: Shannon David 

Illustrator: Samit Shrestha 

Genre: Animal Stories 

Descriptors: animals; nature; wildlife; helpful; human; rooster; dog; donkey

Age: 3-8 years old (Storyweaver Level 2: Learning to Read)


This brief, easy to read, non-fiction poem originating from Nepal guides the reader from wild animal to wild animal. Each animal introduced is then given a name that describes how each one can be helpful to humans. What other names could be given to a rooster, dog, or donkey? Wisely created by Ananta Prasad Wagle, known to be a veteran writer of children’s fiction in Nepal, carefully illustrated by Samit Shrestha, and translated by Shannon David, this Nepalese poem is most appropriate for early grade readers or those in Level 2 on the Storyweaver scale, who are learning to read. Storyweaver, an open-access, multilingual repository of high-quality storybooks sourced from global publishers and translated by crowdsourcing, is what makes this folktale accessible for all. It can be downloaded for offline reading and read in English, Nepali, Urdu, Farsi, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil.  

More About This Book

Reviewed: e-book (2011) by Pratham Books/Storyweaver. ISBN: 9789937500913   


Reviewed by Tiffany Bowers

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