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Russian Fairy Tales: Masha & The Bear, Kolobok, Teremok, Repka: Bilingual Text Russian Fairy Tales In English for Little Ones: Masha & The Bear, Little Bun, Wooden House, Turnip

Region: Eastern EuropeRussia

Author: Folktales in English rendition and retelling by Riley Green

Original Language: Russian / English

Translator: Translated by the Author

Illustrator: Charis Chusna

Genre: Folktales

Descriptors: animals, bilingual books, farms, vegetables,

Age: 1-8 years old


Russian Fairy Tales is a bilingual collection, written in Russian and English, of four classic Russian fairy tales: “Masha & The Bear,” “Kolobok (Little Bun),” “Teremok (Wooden House),” and “Repka (Turnip).” Each of these heart-warming tales teaches children important life lessons, such as the importance of teamwork. The story “Turnip/Repka” is about a family that lives on a farm. The grandfather plants a turnip that grows so big that he cannot pull it out of the ground on his own! To get it out, he needs help from his family and some of the farmyard critters. Just how many helpers will it take to help grandfather get the turnip out of the ground? “Kolobok/Little Bun” is a Russian version of the story found in many literatures around the world, with the plot similar to “Gingerbread Man” and “Runaway Injera” reviewed on this website. The adorable full-page illustrations by Charis Chusna convey the plot of the stories without even needing to read the text, which is helpful for young children who are still learning how to read. These delightful stories can be read to very young children and read independently by children ages five and up.   

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