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Hedgehog's Home

Region: Eastern Europe, Serbia

Author: Branko Ćopić

Original Language:  Serbian

Translator: S.D. Curtis

Illustrator: Sanja Resček

Genre: Animal Stories

Character: Hedgemond the Hunter 

Descriptors: animals; bear; children’s poetry; fox; hedgehog; home; environment; natural habitat; wolf. 

Age: 6-8 years old

Programming: Hedgehog-Themed Activities


Hedgehog’s Home focuses on Hedgemond the Hunter, a tough little hedgehog who lives in the wild woods. One night, Hedgemond goes over to Fox’s house for dinner but leaves early to spend the rest of his evening relaxing at home. Fox, upset that he left her beautiful dinner party so soon, convinces herself that Hedgemond must have a hidden treasure at home and follows him. On the way, she runs into Wolf, Bear, and Boar who all decide to join her, eager to see what is so special about Hedgemond’s home. As Hedgemond settles back into his cozy cottage, the others burst in and make fun of his humble abode. The story ends with Hedgemond defending his home and proving that although his home may seem simple, it is something that should be cherished. Hedgehog’s Home, originally published in the 1950s in former Yugoslavia, remains a popular favorite today among school children in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia. The story is told through multiple poems with a coupled rhyme scheme. The translator, J.D. Curtis, captures the charm and rhythm of the original story, although some of the vocabulary such as “tuck” and “doffed” are outdated and may be unfamiliar to modern audiences. This lyrical tale is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by Sanja Resček. Her bold, colorful artwork incorporates an intricate use of patterns -florals, paisley, stripes, plaid, and polka-dots - throughout the environment and character design. 

More About This Book

Reviewed: print copy by Printworks Global (2017). ISBN: 9781908236357.

Notes: Content warning: the ending mentions two of the characters dying. Note that countries that comprised former Yugoslavia have declared independence in since the early 1990s. We retained the former country name for preserving historical accuracy in the publication history.

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Reviewed by Leah Byrnes

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