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A Spoon For Every Bite

Region: North America, U.S., New Mexico

Author: Joe Hayes

Original Language: Bilingual: Spanish-English

Translator: Written by the author in English and Spanish

Illustrator: Rebecca Leer

Genre: Fables and Parables 

Descriptors: bilingual books; envy; food; greed; neighbors; poor families; rich people

Age: 4-9 years old


A Spoon for Every Bite is a charming story about a poor couple who start a relationship with their rich neighbor after asking him to be their baby’s godfather. The poor couple wishes to invite the rich man over for dinner, but they only own two spoons. They save their money for weeks to afford a new spoon, but when they finally get it and invite the rich man over, he laughs at their poverty. When he brags about how he has a spoon for every day of the year, the wife cleverly points out that they have a friend who “uses a different spoon for every bite he eats.” The rich man, overcome with pride, becomes obsessed with the idea and squanders his fortune from buying and discarding hundreds of spoons. In the end, the couple introduces the once-rich man to their friend, and he discovers that he has been tricked. A Spoon for Every Bite is a funny, delightful tale that teaches an important lesson in greed and humility. The story is bilingual, told in both English and Spanish, and introduces some Spanish vocabulary into the English portions, making it accessible for young audiences who are beginning to learn Spanish. The illustrations by Rebecca Leer are detailed, yet stylish. They capture the beautiful desert landscapes of New Mexico, as well as the personality of the characters. This story is great for children in pre-kindergarten through second grade. 

More About This Book

Reviewed: e-book by Orchard Books (1996). ISBN: 9780531071434. 32 p. 

Notes: The NoveList record for this title.  


Reviewed by: Leah Byrnes

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