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And So It Goes 

Region: Latin America, Mexico

Author: Paloma Valdivia

Original Language: Spanish

Translator: Susan Ouriou

Illustrator: Paloma Valdivia

Genre: Picture books

Descriptors: death and dying; life

Age: 4-7 years old


Paloma Valdivia's And So It Goes is a thoughtful picture book that gently discusses the concepts of life and death. Throughout the story, Valdivia connects the coming and going, the birth of new life and the passing of others, as a natural part of life. Everything is circular and connected, people who leave us cross paths with those about to be born, and they greet each other warmly with wishes of happiness. Valdivia reminds us that it's a mystery where our lives will lead, so we need to enjoy our time here while we can. Valdivia's charming mixed-media illustrations make great use of vivid colors, patterns, and texture, creating a beautiful and calming background for this heavy discussion. A profoundly beautiful story that helps young children begin to contemplate morality. 

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Reviewed:  e-book by Groundwood Books (2017). ISBN: 9781554988693. 36 p 


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Reviewed by: Leah Byrnes

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