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The Global Story Connection

Connecting Children with Stories from Around the World

Children reading in the library

About The Global
Story Connection

This site is designed to help library staff to bring translated stories from around the world to American children and to address the situation whereby American children have limited exposure to international translated literature. Similarly, Library staff in North America do not have easy access to updated and trustworthy selection and evaluation tools for children’s stories from around the world.


The site is being developed as an open-access, easily updatable website featuring book reviews of children’s titles translated into English from world languages. The reviewed titles are aimed at children up to the age of 12-14 (younger teens) and include both international folk tales and authored stories in English translation.


The website also offers ideas for integrating these books into children’s programming and collections not as “special topics” or “special collections” items but as an organic, mainstream element.

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Browse book reviews from regions all around the world.

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