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Songs from a Journey with a Parrot: Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes from Brazil and Portugal 

Region: Latin America, Brazil; Western Europe, Portugal

Author: Songs collected by Magdeleine Lerasle

Original Language: Portuguese

Translator: Translated from Portuguese into French by Alice Machado/ French into English by Tim Brierly and Sheryl Curtis

Illustrator: Aurélia Fronty

Genre: Poetry, Songs, and Rhymes

Descriptors: lullabies, rhymes

Age: 2-6 years old


Songs from a Journey with a Parrot is a compilation of 30 lullabies, rhymes, and lullabies from Portugal and Brazil. The book has several parts to it. The first part is the text of a song under the header for the country of origin, accompanied with an illustration; the second part is the full text of the nursery rhyme or lullaby in Portuguese and English, along with a description and history of the story. Finally, a CD is included with all the songs so that the reader can listen and follow along with the book. The illustrator, Aurélia Fronty, is a French artist who uses a rich color palette and creative style to help capture the essence of the songs reflective of each country. Magdeleine Lerasle had to choose from over 300 songs that were collected and carefully selected the 30 songs that were finally included in the book. Many songs are sung to children in both Brazil and in Portugal, but there are also many others, which celebrate the individuality of each country. As the reader follows along, you will hear influences from Europe, Africa, and Native American traditions in such styles as samba, modinha, fandango, and bossa nova!  

More About This Book

Reviewed: Reviewed: print book by The Secret Mountain. ISBN: 9782923163994. 


Reviewed by Laney Jones

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